News from the field

The 2017 season has now finished.

It has been a great success, good growing conditions have made for adequate quantities and excellent quality.  We now allow the spears to grow up into fern, this will, over the summer, let the plant recharge it’s root system with energy for next year’s harvest. We have planted a new bed and that too is growing well.

Thank you all for your custom, we look forward to May 2018 and the next harvest.

Order here for next day delivery or visit the farm shop which is open every day in the season.

Please fill in a contact form, and I can include you on the email list to let you know when the next season will start. Normally the season runs from early May to mid June but depends on the weather.

Phone Orders

Phone orders

Please call 01984 640236 to leave an order for collection.
News from the field and to check availability 07974 218696

Always Fresh

Always Fresh

We harvest every day during the growing season. We then wash and sort, trimming the woody bits off.
We take care to ensure spears will arrive in the best possible condition.

Quick Delivery

Courier Delivery

Order Mon to Thurs (before 9.00am) for next day delivery.
Order on Fri/Sat/Sun and we will dispatch on Mon, to arrive with you on Tues.